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We have been building giant model trucks for more than 25 years.

For the models they use all kinds of parts such as windscreen wiper engines of cars, the swingarm of a Daf 44 variomatic, the gearbox of an old moped block. There are parts of machines from various factories in for example for the transfer, but also brake drums of bicycles etc.

The models are made on a 1:4 scale, which means four times smaller than the real vehicle. An example the Renault Magnum model truck cabin is almost 1 meter high and the total length of the truck with trailer is 3 meters and 80 centimeters long. The model trucks weigh no less than 300 and 400 kilograms each. One model runs on gasoline and the other electric (batteries). These also have speakers for the engine sound. There are a number of models where you can look in the cabin where you see the driver who can turn his head.

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Why are our model trucks so unique?

Every model truck scale 1/4 is completely hand-built and radio-controlled, equipped with a fuel engine or a 24-volt electric motor.

Model trucks built by enthusiastic hobbyists

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